what reading the Bible did for me

I continuously kept telling myself, “okay, I’ll start reading the Bible today” and I never did it. Or I would say, “okay I will now” and still never did it. I had a Bible app downloaded on my phone, and I still didn’t use it.

But I finally started. Thanks to my boyfriend who would quietly encourage me.

I clicked on the Bible app, and I noticed they had updated it and you can do this “plan” I guess you can say. Every day for about a year, it gave you about 6-7 chapters to read. It could be from Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs, etc. But it was random. I got to day 8, and I decided I was done with the random reading, and I wanted to read a full book. So I chose to start at Matthew. I am almost done with the book, only about 7 chapters left to go, but I have enjoyed reading it. To me, it’s a story. It’s a huge book, filled with other books that have different stories. I find it so very interesting and it doesn’t feel like it’s something I just have to do. I enjoy doing it.

How God spoke to me

Okay, so this may sound kind lame but about a month ago I watched a movie with my family called “Left Behind”. It’s the really bad movie with bad quality and actors.. (Sorry, Nicolas Cage). The movie is about the book of Revelations. The movie was an off spin, because it wasn’t exactly as what Revelations says…. but it made me open my eyes a little bit. Like, I am scared to go to hell. You’re supposed to fear the Lord, and I never did until then. I never thought much of it.

I assumed because I accepted the Lord as my Father and Savior and just tried not to lie and be good…. that I would be saved, and I have learned that’s not completely true, and it’s much more than that. That moment I felt God tell me that I need to start reading the Bible and learn about Him. Although it wasn’t right after that I started reading, it was a few days, but it happened.

Like I said, I almost done with the book of Matthew along with a few other stories such as the creation of the Earth that I read that was apart of that plan on my app. I haven’t read much. No, I haven’t suddenly become this super nice and wonderful human being either. That’s not what I am getting at. But I have felt at peace. It’s a really good feeling. Like I’m in connection with God. And how my boyfriends says it, “we are in sync”. It’s made me realize the kind of life I want to live. I want to live my life for the Lord. Not just me saying, “hey, yeah I believe in God” but, actually learn about HIM. Learn who He is. Learn about Jesus. I want to spread His word. To my kids, to the people I know, to people I don’t know. I truly want to know Him.

I want to travel. With a purpose.

I already wanted to travel before I started reading, but I now want to travel with a purpose. I want to travel to explore this wonderful Creation He has created. To look at the sand of the ocean, and the waves that crash onto it…. and know that our Father created it.

It’s sad how corrupt this Earth has become, but just because a lot of people have, doesn’t mean that I can’t still try to spread the Word of God. Just because the rest of the world has become corrupt, doesn’t mean I have to become corrupt with it.

 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 1 John 4:16

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