The wonderful grace of God

So a while ago I finished reading Deuteronomy and then read Joshua, Judges and Ruth. And today I went back and did a little more reading or skimming and as I was skimming through Joshua and Judges, I remembers reading about how dumb the Israelites were being. Why, after God continuously rescued them from war after war, were they turning against God to worship false gods and idols. God took them and rescued from Egypt, created the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant with them. He allowed the descendants of Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, etc. to prosper and flourish as He promised He would do. Yet, once Moses and Joshua die… the Israelites begin to worship false gods and idols. I was so very confused by it because how could they do that to God even after He brought them out of Egypt and gave them all of this land? And even though they continued to worship these gods, when someone would come and start war they would beg God to help them and punish them as He wishes, and God was good to them and saved them. I was so angry and I was wanted to like yell and say, “dude, what are you guys doing? How can you do this to God? WHY are you being SOOOOO stupid????”

But then I realized…

How is it any different from me? I sin, but God is still good to me even when I disobey his word. Not by any means that does mean we should purposely take advantage of Him for that, but without purposely doing it, we do it. We all do it. We take advantage of our wonderful God. He is so good to us. He gives more to us than we even realize or sometimes even notice. He is working on us every single day, and I know somedays I even forget to thank Him for working on me, because even though it may of not been something noticeable to me, He was doing something for me that day.

We have a God of pure grace.

God is continuously rescuing us, and saving us. Yet we continue to disobey Him. But He is so merciful and wonderful that everyday He will continue to prove Himself to us, and love us. Even when we doubt Him or get angry at Him, God will always help us, no matter what. I know not all the time do we understand the way God works, and I think that is one of the most beautiful things about faith. We don’t know why He does some of the things he does sometimes, but it’s such an awesome adventure to me to try and figure it out, and when I do… wow. That is unlike any feeling you could ever feel. Pure peace. Just to know that all this time… He was thinking about me.

Have you ever had a heartbreak before?

Oh I have. I was young. Desperately in love, and emphasis on the “desperately”. I guess I am still young, but I was much younger. (Personally I think your maturity determines on how “young” you could consider yourself) I was in love with a silly boy, and it was my first relationship and it lasted 10 months… Hey, that was a long time for someone my age! (We won’t get into my age, it’ll be more embarrassing than this story already is for me lol)

Well long story short, we broke up after 10 months. Even though I was the one that broke it off, I was so devastated. Apart of me felt as though it was a bad thing waiting to happen, (Hello Chloe!! God was telling you that!!) so one day it was out of the blue and BAM. But then a couple hours after I did it I was like what the heck, Chloe? Why did you do that? Seriously. I was devastated. There is no other word. I already wasn’t close with God then, but I definitely didn’t feel close to Him after that.

Well it took me about a year and a half to finally understand why what happened, happened. When I started dating someone else my freshmen year (my current boyfriend) about 6 months after that break up, I didn’t realize then that this guy was going to change around my entire life, bring me closer to God, help me find my purpose, show me what real love and happiness was, and spend the rest of our lives together.

It took me about a year to be in this relationship to finally THANK GOD and realize ALL He had been doing for me. All that time He was helping me, and just the like Israelites, I was taking advantage of His help and His wisdom. I was doubting Him. I had no faith in Him.

My point of this story is that sometimes we don’t have faith in God, and like I said earlier, we take advantage of Him. So if you don’t understand why something is happening the way it is, try to sit back and let God work. Talk to Him, because He is working 24/7 on you, my friend. 

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