an open letter to Christians

So I usually try and stay off “LGBT” topic. But obviously after what happened in Florida last night, there has been a lot of conversation about it. Sadie Robertson posted something on Instagram and here is the link to see it. A lot of people were commenting and what not and I decided to comment, which now I don’t at all regret doing.

In my comment I just stated how it was a terrorist attack more than a hate crime against gay people. (Although thinking about it now, killing anyone is really just a hate crime) and then I said how I didn’t understand why they were called the “LGBT community”. Our nation has become to divided, and LGBT feel more divided than ever but considering them a separate “community” just confuses the heck out of me. I mean I am not considered apart of the “white community” and there isn’t the “asian community” or the “black community”. Basically in my comment, I just asked why they were considered a community. Because if they didn’t want to feel divided than they need to not treat themselves as if they are divided from the rest of the nation.

Anyways, after a few very rude comments back to me and some very nice ones… I had a conversation with a person later who originally said my comment was the “dumbest comment of the year”. She later asked in the thread why Christians are such hypocrites? Why do we make such a big deal about gay people but then don’t make a big deal about divorce, which is also considered a sin in the Bible.

After having a conversation with her and several other people who were trying to answer her questions (which was a rather difficult question to answer, but we did our best), I got to realizing how unintentionally hypocritical we are. In the Bible it talks about how hard it is to be a Christians, and that is definitely the truth due to the fact being that we are not perfect. We sin. And we do it a lot, even when we know it is wrong. Yet, non-believers want to see us following every single law that there is, and that’s where we run into some trouble. These non-believers want to see living proof of someone who is perfect, they want to essentially see Jesus. But because we are human, we sin just like they do.

Although I am not here to explain exactly what happened in that conversation, you can go and look at the link above, I am here to say something to the Christians.

Dear Christians,

It is hard.  It is hard to be a Christian. But only we understand that being a Christian is the most rewarding thing there is. But brothers and sisters, we need to learn to be kinder and more accepting. We can not be proof of perfection to non-believers, but we can be proof of love and kindness. I am not saying to support the “LGBT Community”, because we don’t support sin. Even our own sin. We know (most of us) what is wrong, yet we do it anyways but the difference is that we repent and ask for forgiveness. We live in a day where it is very very hard to show Christ to other people because our nation has become so divided, and outspoken, and for that we know God is coming very soon. We need to kindly respect the opinion of others, but by still preaching God’s word. Just because we believe in God, does not mean we suddenly become perfect. It doesn’t make it okay for us to hate those you don’t believe. I had a very respectful conversation with a non-believer in that post, and she was very respectful back to me. Christians have begun to have a very bad reputation because we don’t promote a lot of things… and love, kindness, and acceptance is also one of those things. Many of us, and I am guilty of it, get angry at someone who doesn’t believe and then I say things that doesn’t help our cause as a Christian. And we are all guilty of that. But instead, we need to be kind to those who don’t believe. We need to be kind to everyone for that matter. We need to be proof of love and kindness through the Lord, and not be the hypocritical Christians everyone see’s us as.

Although, we will always technically be “hypocritical” to people who don’t truly understand. But starting with love, kindness, and acceptance is a good place to start. I know that is a place that I need to start, and many of us need to start. It isn’t our place to condemn someone to hell for sinning… not that I have done that, but I have seen angry Christians do that before. That isn’t our place. We all sin. We are not to judge. We will have a day of judging, and the judge is God. Let Him take on that position, not us.

It starts with me and you my dear friend, spread kindness and the word of God all at once. I know we can’t change all the minds in the world, and we can’t cure all sin, even our own sin, but we can start trying to make this place a little more peaceful until the returning of Christ by being kind to one another.

God bless.

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