just do you

So, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that you can’t please everyone. I mean I’ve always known that of course, but there is going to always be that one person that you just can’t please. And I’ve figured out and really have been able to understand that THAT’S OKAY.

You know how totally exhausting it is to try and please everyone? Very. Because like I said, it is impossible to. So when you try and get let down, it is so disappointing. So what I have saying recently is

Just do you, dude.

Like if you want a little tattoo, go for it. You want a lot? Go for it. You HATE tattoos and anyone that has them, then sure. That’s not my problem.

I think we spend way to much time in our lives judging other people and are worried about what they do and how they do it when in no way is it mine or your concern. If you don’t like the things they say then don’t be around them. If you don’t like the things they post, unfollow them. It is truly that simple. I am not saying to be okay with some of the things people do because I am a very opinionated person and in no way shape or form do I believe something like doing meth is okay, but I am not the one doing it. So if you want to do it, then you do you, dude.

(Please realize the exceptions to this phrase, please don’t tell your child if they want to do drugs to “just do you”, because I know there will be that one idiot that takes this entire post out of context and makes up some bs like that.)

I can do what I can, to try and make this world a better place such as preaching the word of God, being kind, doing what I can to help others, praying, etc. But beyond that, it isn’t in my control nor is it my problem. (I shouldn’t make it my problem.) I can’t force someone to believe in God, I can only persuade them by showing them the grace, love, and peace God has placed in my heart recently.

Please the people in life that want to be pleased, laugh with the people that want to laughed with, worship Christ with people that want to worship Him, preach the Word to people who want to be preached to, spread kindness with people who want to also spread kindness, hang out with people who make YOU a better person.

We can’t fix everyone is this world. We can’t heal all the broken and angry hearts. We can’t take away every tear. We can’t remove all the murders, terrorist, rapist. But we can spread love and happiness to our neighbor. We can remind our parents that we love them, our families that we love them. We can pass out compliments to strangers. We can spread love.

I promise, by trying to please every single person in life and spending your time worried about how everyone else in the world acts, you will have a hard time being happy. Like I said, be around people that want to be around you and that make you happy. Once your happy, spreading love to world is so much easier than if you constantly have something bad to say about what this girl on your Facebook or Instagram is posting.

I know as a Christian, I am very opinionated and obviously there are reasons for that. But like I said, I can’t change everyones mind. There is no reason to be mean to someone just because they have a different opinion from you. That just isn’t worth it. Smiles are worth it. Kindness is worth it. You can preach your opinion and I can preach mine, but in no way is it fair for me to be mad at you because your opinion is different.

So like I said, just do you.

Stay kind and do what makes you happy and it’ll be all good my friend.

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