an open letter to the class of 2017

Well you did it. You have finally made it to your senior year of high school. It’s a crazy feeling right? How did time go by so fast? Well, let me tell you it’s about to go by even faster.

Everyday you’re going to wish for tomorrow to be graduation day. You’re going to have senioritis so bad that your parents are going to be begin to think it’s an actual sickness that they want to try and get treated asap.

Some days will be worse than others, and some days will be great. You’re going to experience so many “lasts”. Your last home volleyball game, football game, basketball game or whatever it may be. The “lasts” will hit you from time to time, but very rarely will they probably bring you to tears. Few will cry on graduation day, and if you do it’s most likely tears of happiness.

You’re going to be so happy you’re getting away from all your small town chaos and drama. You’re going to tell yourself that you’re so excited to get out of here and to be away from everyone and everything. You’re going to miss your small town friends, but you’ll be so excited to be off to bigger and better things.

But class of 2017… take a breather. Do not take your last year for granted. This is coming from someone who did.

I am not just talking about not going to every single basketball game or football game. That isn’t what I mean. I’m not talking about being excited to go to school everyday and making sure you always have a smile on your face. That isn’t what I’m talking about either.

I have only been on my own for a month, and although I didn’t believe I would get sad, I do.

Do not take for granted when your mom makes you supper. Or the time you have with just your family. In fact, spend so much time with them. Family is everything. Don’t take for granted not having to worry about paying your bills or worrying about money. Sure you have to go to practice, then go home and do homework, wake up, go to school, and do it all over again. But someday soon, you’ll be going to work everyday.

Maybe you won’t have to work full time in college, or maybe you won’t have to work at all. But many will end up having to have a job. You’re going to think “I already have a job in high school, having a job in college isn’t going to be much different”, but the difference is, the big difference is that you were working in a small town where you know everyone. You probably work with some of your classmates. You know the people that come into your work. When you go off to college, everything and everyone is new. The rules and expectations are different. There is a very very good chance you will become very overwhelmed.

I know that you are so excited to go off to college and to be on your own and thats great! You should be. But don’t wish the time away. Try so hard not to wish that tomorrow would be graduation, because believe me, it’ll come so fast.

Everything that was so familiar to you, will no longer be there to bring you comfort. You will be in a very unfamiliar world for awhile. Sleeping in a different bed. On your own. Making your own decisions. Although it’ll take some time, you will get used to it. But the feeling of going back to your small town whether it is the scenery, the people, your family, etc. will never get old to you.

So class of 2017, please please please, do not take your last year for granted and do not wish away your precious time.


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